Analog Read Pin

Read an analog signal (0 through 1023) from the pin you say.



  • name is a string with the name of the pin you say (P0 through P4, or P10)


  • a number from 0 through 1023

This program reads pin P1 and shows the number on the LED screen.

basic.forever(() => {
    let value = pins.analogReadPin(AnalogPin.P1)

If you are using analog read pin with another Calliope mini running analog write pin, then things can get tricky. Remember that the Calliope mini that runs analog set pin writes 0’s and 1’s at a very high frequency to achieve an average of the desired value. Sadly, if you try to read that average from another Calliope mini, then the Calliope mini will either read 0 or 1023. You could try to read a higher number of values (e.g. a million) in a loop, then computer then average. Alternatively, you can plug in a capacitor in-between the two Calliope minis.

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