Find the temperature where you are. The temperature is measured in Celsius (metric). The Calliope mini can find the temperature nearby by checking how hot its computer chips are.



  • a number that is the temperature in degrees Celsius.

How does it work?

The Calliope mini checks how hot its CPU (main computer chip) is. Because the Calliope mini does not usually get very hot, the temperature of the CPU is usually close to the temperature of wherever you are. The Calliope mini might warm up a little if you make it work hard, though!

Learn more about how the Calliope mini can detect hot or cold in this video:

Example: Calliope mini thermometer

The following example uses temperature and show number to show the temperature of the room.

basic.forever(() => {
    let temp = input.temperature()

Example: Fahrenheit thermometer

This program measures the temperature using Fahrenheit degrees. Fahrenheit is a way of measuring temperature that is commonly used in the United States. To make a Celsius temperature into a Fahrenheit one, multiply the Celsius temperature by 1.8 and add 32.

basic.forever(() => {
    let c = input.temperature()
    let f = (1.8 * c) + 32

Try comparing the temperature your Calliope mini shows to a real thermometer in the same place. You might be able to figure out how much to subtract from the number the Calliope mini shows to get the real temperature. Then you can change your program so the Calliope mini is a better thermometer.

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