As well as the red LED matrix the Calliope mini also has a built-in loudspeaker (or piezo speaker to be more precise) that allows you to play different tones and an LED with which you can display a huge variety of different colours.

Step 1


The white square under the LED matrix is the RGB-LED. Itworks in exactly the same way as watercolours do. Within this LED there are three smaller LEDs: one red, one green and one blue. When you select a colour in your programming environment, the Calliope mini will automatically display this colour by mixing the three base colours together,

Within the Basic section you select the “set led to red“ block and

Step 2

Light sensor

The light is measured by the LED matrix. You can select the light sensor by dragging the block from the Input section into the number block. With this block you can change the colour you want to display. Simply click on the red tap and choose another colour from the menu. To turn the LED off, you can use the “turn build-in led off“ block or put the value “0“ on the name of the color.

Step 3

The speaker

You can play individual notes or music pieces. Simply open the Music section and drag the “play tone 262 Hz for 1 beat“ and chance the value of the tone to see how you can adjust the height of the note.