Calliope mini offers you the possibility to use different mathematical operations. You can calculate numbers, create random numbers and save your results in variables.

Step 1

Calculation of numbers

The Calliope mini is able to perform the 4 basic arithmetic operations addition, subtraction, multiplication and division out of the box:

You can find the required block in the menu Math. From the block’s drop-down list you can choose between the four basic arithmetic operations and the exponentiation. To see the result of your calculation, you have to put the block inside a „show number” block from the Basic section. The Calliope mini displays the result of your calculation on the LED grid.

Step 2

Random numbers

You can have Calliope mini create a random number: You can find the corresponding block in the menu Math (“pick random 0 to 10”). By changing the two numbers within the block, you determine how small or how large the random number is allowed to become.