Here are some cool tutorials to get you started with your Calliope mini!


  "name": "Calliope mini 2.x",
  "description": "The Calliope mini 2.0 and newer has a larger memory than the previous versions. If you use this template for your project, you can make the most of all the features on your Calliope mini!",
  "imageUrl": "/calliope/templates/32KB.png",
  "largeImageUrl": "/calliope/templates/32KB_L.png",
  "cardType": "sharedExample",
  "buttonLabel": "New project"
  "name": "Calliope mini 1.x",
  "description": "This template is designed for all Calliope mini, but especially for those up to version 1.3. If you have such a Calliope mini or an earlier version, you can start directly with this template.",
  "imageUrl": "/calliope/templates/16KB.png",
  "largeImageUrl": "/calliope/templates/16KB_L.png",
  "cardType": "sharedExample",
  "buttonLabel": "New project"